If you are new to juicing this is a great, simple recipe to start with because it’s an easy transition and a very enjoyable juice. It’s great for energy and really gets you going. I try to use organic, especially while on a juice cleanse. With that said it is best to juice more veggies and less fruit so that is doesn’t spike up your blood sugar as much from the fructose. I try to have a green juice and a more palatable and sweeter juice that I sip on for longer and can really enjoy to the fullest. You can also add a handful of romaine lettuce to this and it will not impact the taste. I’ve also included some resources for health information on getting the fullest benefit  of juicing below the recipe for this juice.



Just to breakdown this juice a bit in terms of health benefits

Carrot Health Benefits: Great source of Vitamin A, so it’s great for your eyes, glowing skin, teeth and gums

Apple  Health Benefits: Rich in anixodant, Boost immune systeme, detox liver, reduce cancser and type 2 diabetes

Orange Health Benefits: High in vitamin C, folate and viatmin B, great for immune support and antioxidant protection

Ginger Health Benefits: High in potassium, silicon and kills pathogenic bacteria, also  provides heartburn relief, aids digestion, reduce bloating,  boost metabolism.



  • 5-6 large carrots
  • an inch long piece of ginger root (less or none if you dislike ginger)
  • half an apple (add more if you need it sweeter)
  • half an orange (add more if you need it sweeter)



  1. Chop all the ingredients into cubes or small pieces.
  2. Add into your juicer or you can even blend this to make a shake.


Juicing Resoucres

Are juicing benefits really that amazing? by Yuri Elkaim It covers the following:

  • 1:45 – why I never juiced until my mid-twenties
  • 2:50 – the #1 reason for making a fresh-pressed juice
  • 5:00 – 2 reasons why doctors and dietitians don’t like juicing
  • 8:46 – why juicing improves nutrient absorption
  • 11:40 – the most ridiculous article I’ve ever read on juicing
  • 16:20 – the truth about pasteurization
  • 21:50 – my go-to green juice recipe


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